Another Zero

Another Zero

Vertical space shmup. Pretty intense. Have only played the first level. Not sure how long it is.

Great look to it. Parallel wise, vertical shooters have the same kind of problem, in that they need to be more difficult to entice hardcore fans, but while doing so, newcomers will have a hard time dealing with these games. At any rate, history and parallels aside, Another Zero is a fast, a very difficult and yet still very diverse vertical shooter. It’s got a lot to offer. It is always interested in surprising you, and at times that takes the form of offering you long and difficult portions (very monotone in a way, but wait for it a sec!).

Choose from 3 characters. They each have their own weapon type.Use the arrows to move around, hold Z to shoot, hold X to use your special.Nothing to install. Just run the app.

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