1. Pick a free game or paid game.Pay with paypal(or choose one free) and download it to your computer .
2. Extract the game (right click on mouse -extract)
3. Make sure you have all requiered programs installed (see RUNTIME)
4. Play game.
5. Have fun ^^.

Once you’ve located the application, follow the instructions provided to download the application to your hard drive.Depending on the browser you are using and your browser settings, the download may start automatically or you may be prompted to confirm that you do want to download the software.If you are prompted to confirm that you do want to download the application, you will often be given the option to either Run the installation script from its current location or to Save it to your hard drive. In most cases, the right choice is to Save it. Unless the source of the download advises you to choose Run, select Save.We recommend that you read the system requirements for the game and ensure that the necessary software is installed on your computer, or learn about alternative ways to download the game.