Storm Assault

Storm Assault

Storm Assault is a Gradius fangame made using Multimedia Fusion which has quite a resemblance to Gradius Gaiden due to the Graphics and Bosses. Although this game has only 2 stages, it is easy to tell a lot of effort went into this game. Storm Assault is an under development tribute to the classic shoot ’em up series Gradius. It’s a sideways scrolling game, where you take a one ship stand against a horde of alien invaders.

Much of Storm Assault is borrowed from Gradius: the power up system is identical and most of the enemies are the same. There are some different environments, and the bosses are not identical. This version features two stages, although there are many more “boss fights” in these stages than in the original. Graphically, it’s very 80s, with slightly blocky and old fashioned sprites, but it all moves very nicely.

The sound it fine, and as you’d you expect from 80s nostalgia, the difficulty level is significantly higher than in most of today’s games. It is also surprisingly hard for a game of its type, and something seems a unbalanced in the gameplay. Nevertheless it will be an enjoyable challenge for anyone who loves this type of game, even if it doesn’t offer anything new.

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