Zeit²™ is a traditional side-scrolling, 2D, shoot-’em-up game that brings unprecedented elements to the game experience. Zeit²’s unique time travel feature has yet to be seen in this genre even after decades of great games.

Intuitive controls allow players to move forward and backward in time making it possible for the player to combine shots and power, and even be assisted by a shadow version of yourself. Blast away swarms of enemies, get the highest score and discover how you can assist yourself in new exciting ways by warping time at will.

Zeit is German for ‘time’, which is appropriate because messing about with the fourth dimension is the game’s main gimmick. (It’s also appropriate because developer Brightside Games are German). At face value Zeit2 seems to be an ultra traditional 2D shooter, as the screen scrolls from left to right and streams of bad guys rush at you from the other side.

They’re rarely interested in shooting you though, since they can drain your health simply by passing by you. This is just the first in a series of features that subtly subverts some of the most common rules of the genre, as you not only try and stop enemies from passing off the left of the screen but stop yourself from moving so far forward that they start draining you even earlier.

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