Welcome to your Zenohell, soldier. Zenohell is a 90s styled shoot-em’up (in short, shmup) that is all about shooting, dodging, collecting medals and getting score, while blasting your speakers to the sound effects and music.Warning: The game does contain profanities at some points so tread carefully.

– 6 stages of ever increasing scale and intensity – but there are more for the especially skilled pilots.
– A secret mode that you can unlock.
– 3 player ships offering completely different playstyles, with some more you can unlock by playing the game.
– A 28 track soundtrack made by Jorgen “dj_emphatic” Sjolander, that you get for free with the game – just look at the data files.
– 3 different gameplay modes.
– Music modding, which lets you swap out the music for your personal favorites, if desired.
– Options which let you customize your game view, TATE (rotating your screen), Filter, Transparent medals and more!
– Gameplay from times when it was more about reflexes and less about complex scoring.

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