Zexide Horizon 1.4

Zexide Horizon 1.4
In the year 2880 one of Earth Federation aircraft has been shot down by Erna Tian, a destruction forces from another planet. The federation developing a high mobility fighter “Zefis” to encounter the next threat. Zefis equipped with three different weapons and Zex Side Cannon, a powerful explosive cannon that can wipe out enemies in sight. Unfortunately, threat was coming sooner than expected. The Erna Tian Empire flying above earth orbit and ready to launch greater invasion. Not taking any chances, Earth Federation launch uncomplete Zefis fighter to counter attack and save humans from annihilation.
Zexide Horizon is an excellent doujin shooting game developed by Crystal Light Stage fow Windows in 2014. Zexide Horizon utilizes high resolution 3D engine with flashy effects, but the general movement is a 2D horizontal scrolling shooters. Hence, the game could generate a better and realistic outer space battle. The ship is firing three attacks; focus beam, wide laser and back laser. The laser is powered up to a maximum four stages by taking the item labeled “P”. In addition, there are another power ups that give a boost for speed, life bar and shield. The most powerful attack is a bomb that serve as avoidance when the ship was surrounded by enemy bullets and enemy aircraft. After dropping, the fighter is invincible for about two seconds before comes back to the screen.

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